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Welcome To Dastarkhwan

At our Restaurant, the Dastarkhwan, quality as well as quantity is our goal so you can go home satisfied that you had a good meal today! Be it simple dishes like Mash Daal or Daal Makani or more complex ones such as Nihari, Kunna or even Butter Chicken. They are all cooked with passion by our chefs and are guaranteed to amaze you out of your wits.

Being of Pakistani origin, it has always been our dream of having people of multiple culture and beliefs enjoying the delicious cuisine of our beloved motherland Pakistan. And as time passed, we watched that dream turning steadily into a mission. A mission we set out to accomplish and are steadily progressing towards it. Rather it is rural Desi delicacy or a more urbanized type of a Pakistani dish. We at Dastarkhwan are proud of the fact that we serve all of the prominent dishes associated with out cuisine.


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