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Chicken karahi
Chicken karahi



Coming from mixed ethnic backgrounds, our cultural cuisine rests on the foundation built out of many different cuisines. Even after having all of them to taste, we always rush back to this amazingly spicy but tangy flavored Chicken Karahi With Bones that comes with hot green chilies and ginger on the top. That we serve Hot with Roti and Paratha whatever you like.
Chicken Karahi is a very fragrant Pakistani curry that will leave your tastebuds in awe after tasting it and leave you craving more of it. The name of the dish, karahi comes back from the vessel in which it is cooked. The karahi vessel is traditionally used for cooking up stews.We however have used a skillet to cook our chicken karahi. Not only can that but a wok also be used to cook up this delicious dish. But please don’t let our choice of cooking vessel keep you from tasting it. As with any dish with widespread regional affection, there are many variations to Chicken Karahi based on region or the family cook who is making the dish and ours is just one of those many.


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